STEC/EHEC bacteria (E. coli O104:H4)

An outbreak of a virulent strain of E. coli in 2011 has regrettably killed appox. 50 people in Europe and infected more than 4,000 in 12 counrties. All but one of the fatalities were reported in Germany. The origin of the virulent strain, identified as O104:H4, seemed to be sprouted plant seeds.

Accredited analysis of the STEC bacteria

The standardised analysis for the Top-7 O-pathogenic E. coli bacteria (O26, O45, O103, O111, O145 and O157)  is not sufficient to detect the German EHEC strain (O104:H4). TLR is presently the only laboratory that can offer a unique two step Real Time PCR analysis for the detection of all known pathogenic STEC/EHEC strain on food products.

TLR has been recognised for STEC/EHEC analysis by the German fresh food organisation ‘Qualität & Sicherheit’ Click for Q&S Laboratory list EHEC.

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