Rapid Salmonella analyses in 1,5 days

All positive samples confirmed by living Salmonella (full accredited ISO 6579)

Food and feed products may be contaminated by Salmonella species originating from domestic animals. Food and feed products that do contain viable cells of Salmonella are not suitable for direct consumption according to food safety criteria such as the EU Commision Regulation 2073 (2005). To be sure that food and/or feed products do not contain Salmonella TLR offers 2 different accredited analyses.   

Salmonella spec. in accordance with ISO 6579 (Reference method)

The ISO 6579 is the reference method as mentioned in Regulation 2073 (2005). Unfortunate a negative reporting can only be done after 4 days. The reporting of a positive sample can only be done after 5 days. The laborious conformation includes the cultivation of viable cells on agar plates. TLR performs a serotyping on pure cultures of “Salmonella confirmed isolates” by the Check Points PCR method.

Salmonella spec. by Assurance GDS (36 hours)

TLR Biocontrol Assurance GDS Salmonella PCR can give a negative result on the 2nd day. After enrichment of a sample in buffered pepton water (BPW), the living viable cells are separated by immunomagnetic beads (IMS) containing highly specific antibodies for living Salmonella cells. The enriched Salmonella will grow in BHI for another 2 hrs. Afterwards the DNA will be extracted for the PCR analysis. Any Positive result will be reported as "Salmonella Possible present" and confirmed by the reference method ISO 6579. The Assurance GDS test is equivalent to ISO 6579 as specified by the ISO16140 AFNOR validation TRA 02/12-01.09.

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