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Dioxin analyses with our HR-GC/MS

It is not without reason that Dioxins and PCBs symbolize food safety, because dioxins are still present everywhere. Analytically challenging, partly due to the increasingly lower limit values. According to the current EFSA standard, an individual (70 kg) is allowed to ingest 2 picograms (= 2x10-12 g) of total dioxins/pcbs daily through food. It may be more difficult than we all think since it is a large family of dioxins and PCBs. Some dioxins are more dangerous and in combination they can pose a higher toxic hazard to public health.


This analysis is real detective work. In line with worldwide authorities, TLR has the so-called “Golden Standard” DFS-series systems, even specially designed for this application. With these modern advanced analysis systems we are able to guarantee the stringent reporting conditions, both in terms of contents and within the reporting time offered to you.


EFSA: Dioxins and related PCBs: tolerable intake level updated | European Food Safety Authority (


TLR is accredited (L059) for the HR-GC/MS analysis method  by the RvA and internationally approved by ILAC for dioxin, dioxin-like PCBs and indicator PCBs for feed raw materials, all kinds of feed and food.



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