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TLR analyses fipronil in eggs

Fipronil is a toxic pesticide for humans and can cause kidney, liver or thyroid damage. The substance can last for months in animals and soil. Through the chickens, the fipronil enters the eggs.


Do you want to know if there are fipronil and metabolites in your eggs? TLR offers a special LC-MS / MS analysis specifically for the poultry sector, which enables you to demonstrate whether your product is free from fipronil within 24h.


Furthermore, TLR offers a wide pallet of other analyzes for the poultry sector. Examples of these analysis are; PCBs, dioxins, pesticides and metal analyzes but also studies on pathogens such as salmonella, STER / EHEC listeria, Clostridium botulinum, norovirus etc.).


What analyzes can TLR perform even more? Check it out here


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