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Mycotoxin Fumonisin B1/B2, HT-2, T-2.

These toxins are new on the QS scheme per 02.01.2022!

TLR extends and has been recognized by QS for Fumonisin, HT-2/T-2.

These mycotoxins were already accredited(L059) by the Dutch Council for Accreditation for all feed and food products.


Especially now the need of sourcing good quality corn, grains and its derivates for feed producers is of high importance. Check corn on Fumonisin B1/B2 and especially oats on HT-2/T-2 toxins. Do you need fast & high-quality analyses? TLR International Laboratories is a valued one-stop-shop with a large scope testing and guarantee  our products. For  mycotoxin analysis of course you choose TLR. We perform fast, complete and high-quality LC-MS/MS analyses.


By the way we are also able to check oats, corn and barley on admixtures at our microscopical department too.


Contact your account manager to test your products for all kind of contaminants or relevant QS parameters;


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