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Fipronil is an insecticide that is often used in veterinary products against fleas, mites and marks. Fipronil should not be used in animals intended for the food chain, such as chickens. The World Health Organization (WHO) regards fipronil to humans as "moderately toxic". In large quantities it can cause kidney, liver or thyroid damage.
TLR analyzes fipronil in food and feed under accreditation (ISO17025). We use the LC-MS / MS method recognized by the NVWA.
In addition, we offer the opportunity to analyze the presence of fipronil in:
- Most
- Stables
For stables we have a special sample package for taking swabs. The swabs are offered free of shipping.
If you are currently required to analyze your food, feed, manure or stables for the presence of fipronil, we would like to discuss our method of serving you optimally.
Do your products meet the legal requirements?
Have you received positive fipronil testresults? You can review the legal limits yourself to check if your product meets the European limits for fipronil. There are different legal limits per productgroup.  Do you want to compare your testresults to the legal requirements? Click here.

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