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TLR offers a wide range of analyses for the feed industry. Our modern laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment and is centrally located in Rotterdam. This lets us perform analyses quickly and efficiently, which saves you time and money.


By making use of the Peterson and Control Union networks, we can also take independent samples worldwide and conduct research. In addition, we have an experienced consultancy department for dealing with quality issues.


TLR is GMP+ and QS-certified, ISO 17025-accredited (L059) and approved by the FOSFA and GAFTA. Consequently, our reports are internationally recognised.


Which analyses do we provide?

Not only basic chemical analysis methods for nutritional assessment, but also complex methods for detecting residues and contaminants such as pesticides, dioxins and melamine.

In addition, we use traditional microbiological methods such as plate counts alongside modern PCR techniques for pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, enteropathogenic E.coli and E.coli O157.


We can also test on foreign substances, damaged grains and toxic seeds. Our portfolio also contains of DNA analyses. With our PCR screening we can detect genetically modified variants.

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